Krupp 75mm L/30 BaK M. 1912





Bulgarian designation :

75-мм скорострелно балонно оръдие “Круп

Krupp designation :

7,5 Räder B.A.K. L/30 mit abschwenkbaren Rädern

Calibre :

75mm L/30

Weight in action :

1100 kg

Weight in marching order :

1800 kg

Barrel length :

2.250 m

Shell weight :

6.35 kg

Muzzle velocity :

510 m/s

Max. range :

6500 m

Elevation :

+ 70° / - 10°

Traversing angle :

Azimuth :


Remarks :

Quick firing B.a.K. gun with recoil system with hydraulic buffer and springs. It was fitted for independent line of sight. It looked like a shielded field gun, but the wheels of the carriage could be adjusted in such a way as to permit the gun to revolve around the spade as a pivot. Special firing tables were arranged for this guns.